A photo series inspired by abandoned buildings. I recently purchased a book containing images from all over the world, of buildings long since abandoned. It showed the effects of time slowly creeping in and around them, creating mysterious ethereal images which I found very intriguing! 

At the time I was trying to think of something interesting to accompany the release of my second album Temple, so I got in touch with my friend and photographer Dave Watts with the idea of doing a series of photos that showed a small figure moving through strange landscapes and abandoned buildings, with each photo representing one of the songs on the record. There are recurring themes throughout the album, of isolation and darkness and I hope some beauty, and I wanted these photos to try and reflect those themes in some way. 

We ended up spending a few days on the road traveling around Cornwall, Devon and Somerset, finding these strange forgotten places. Below are the wonderful photographs Dave took on our a little mission, which I hope you’ll enjoy. Head over to Dave’s website www.wattsdave.com if you get the chance, it will be time well spent. Matt